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Network Security Features Demo – Carlo and Marco demo Fingbox features
August 10, 2017
Screenshot of Internet Security Check and Pause User Features available in Fingbox Network Security Toolkit
Network Security Toolkit Update – Internet Security Check and Pause User Features
September 11, 2017

Network Security Toolkit Update – Fingboxes are now Shipping

Network Security Toolkit Update – Fingboxes are now Shipping

Update: This article was written during the launch of our Network Security Toolkit, Fingbox. Fingbox is now successfully launched and is being used by 30,000 people worldwide. Join the Fing community today!

Here is the latest update on your Fingboxes. This time the news is all very good!

Shipping Waves

Wave 1 Shipping is well underway.  Wave 1 Shipping included Fingboxes that were purchased before the June 3, 2017, cut-off date.
Wave 2 Shipping will commence shortly after Wave 1 Shipping is completed, which we expect to wrap up within the next few weeks.
Wave 3 Shipping for purchases from August 18, 2017, and onwards will begin in early October 2017. We’ll keep you informed of the exact date.

Shipping & Delivery 

  • US Boxes: All Wave 1 US boxes are out for shipping and tracking numbers were supplied. If you didn’t receive a tracking number, check your spam. It could also be because you have unsubscribed from our mailing list, or are in the Wave 2 or 3 shipment.
  • RoW Boxes: RoW boxes have started shipping and tracking numbers are being supplied. More tracking numbers are becoming available as boxes are shipped. If you haven’t received a tracking number yet, you should be getting one soon.
  • Canadian Boxes: We paid extra to make sure the boxes got through Canadian customers quicker. The Boxes have made their way through customs much quicker than we expected them to. Boxes are now shipping and tracking numbers are being sent as boxes are shipped.
  • EU Boxes: EU Fingboxes have passed through our logistics partner faster than the expected 14 working days. The shipping process of all EU Fingboxes has started and will be completed by this week. Boxes arriving in Eastern Europe countries could take 10 working days but we expect a good portion of backers to have the box in hand by the end of next week. EU customers will receive a tracking number.

Your Experience

SUPPORT:  Please send your support queries and technical question to support@fing.io. This email is for technical questions which require assistance from our team.
STORIES & KIND WORDS: If you have kind words, a story or something positive to say about Fingbox tell us on stories@fing.io.
SUGGESTIONS: Have a feature request or something we can do to make Fingbox better? Write to suggestions@fing.io

Fingbox Network Security and Troubleshooting Toolkit Update

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Fingbox Network Security and Troubleshooting Toolkit

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Violet Chepil
Violet Chepil
Head of Marketing at Fing