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Advanced IP Network Scanner
Advanced IP Network Scanner: New network scanning features including device identification, intruder alerts and more
September 27, 2016
Affordable Home Network Security Toolkit launches – Fingbox
November 20, 2016

Network Security Toolkit for Homes: Secure your Home Network with Device Blocking, Intruder Detection and a DigitalFence

Network Security Toolkit for Homes: Secure your Home Network with Device Blocking, Intruder Detection, Hacker Threat Checks and more

After the launch of Fing 4.0, which included the most Advanced IP Network Scanning features we’ve launched to date, it’s been all go here at Fing HQ. With 15 million downloads, Fing has grown to be the most downloaded free network scanning app. We are so proud of this!

To keep innovating and delivering more features to our Fing users, we have started developing a new, first of its kind, network security toolkit for homes, called Fingbox. Fingbox is an affordable home network security toolkit – which unlocks more features in your Fing app.

What is Fingbox Network Security Toolkit for Homes?

Fingbox protects your home network and helps you troubleshoot Wi-Fi problems.

Physically, Fingbox is a rounded blue box, that connects to your network via your router. Once Fingbox is plugged in, Fingbox identifies all devices in your network, like the Fing app, but with a big difference: Fingbox can continuously watch over your devices and take actions when needed, even when you’re not at home.

Amongst its many benefits, Fingbox allows you to prevent threats to your network, monitor how your broadband is being used, block devices, troubleshoot frustrating Wi-Fi problems and so much more.

The devices we use, whether smart phones, tablets, laptops, or all the above, are a significant and growing part of our personal lives. With the invasion of technology our home networks are getting more complex. The need to monitor who is using your network, how they are using it, and protect your Digital Life, is becoming increasingly vital. Especially as threats to personal networks are rapidly growing.

We developed Fingbox for exactly this reason. Fingbox gives users more visibility, awareness and peace of mind over what is happening with the Internet of Things (IoT) devices in their homes.

Fingbox Home Network Security Features

To develop Fingbox features, we first surveyed 5000 Fing users to find out what features they would want to see in a home network and security toolkit. Our research revealed that our home users were most interested in more Home Network Security and WiFi Troubleshooting features.

After researching, the Fingbox team set to work on developing the net features our users wanted.

Fingbox’s key network security and troubleshooting features include:

  • Network Security: Monitoring of all devices on the network
  • Intruder Detection: find out if any intruders connect to your WiFi
  • Device Blocking: block intruders and unwanted devices from accessing the network
  • Parental Control: block devices lock a PS4 or TV from accessing the network temporarily – a simple and efficient form of parental control
  • Alerts: for network status, device status and intruders
  • Wi-Fi Sweet Spot Finder: find the best WiFi connected in your home
  • Identify Bandwidth Hogs: find out which devices are hogging all the broadband resulting in a slow internet connection
  • Home Digital Fence: discover all the devices in the vicinity of your Fingbox that have WiFi enabled, even if not connected to the internet

No subscription pricing model

Don’t like subscriptions? We don’t like them either. That’s why Fingbox is available without any subscription. There is a one of flat fee price to get the device.

A Network Security Toolkit for your own home!

Get the Fingbox network security and WiFi troubleshooting toolkit today!

Ava Pierro
Ava Pierro
Content Marketing Manager at Fing