Fing Network Security Promo: A few Fing-tastic surprises to celebrate the best year ever at Fing

This year at Fing has topped any other! Thanks for being a part of Fing. It’s you, our users, that have helped us get to where we are today. So, THANK YOU! We would not be where we are today without you.

A few of the highlights at Fing this year include:

  • Reaching 15 million Fing Network Scanning App downloads
  • 7 million active users
  • Discovering over 1 billion IP connected devices
  • Reaching more than 700k network scans a day
  • Raising over 300k for our Network Security Toolkit on Indiegogo
  • Receiving support from more than 5k backers on Indiegogo

We’ve also launched brand new features for the Free Fing apps like an improved material design, better device discovery algorithms, a web app, alerts and more.

What better way to say thank you, than dressing ourselves up as elves?

That’s why the team have put together a short video! Make sure you watch the whole thing because there is a Secret Discount at the end.

We’ve also organized a few last minute Fingbox promos just in time for the holidays. Just click the links below to play!

Remember, it’s almost the last chance to save on Fingbox. Next week the price goes up, so get your Fingbox for less while you still can.

Take the Survey & Reveal a Secret Discount

Network Security Promo

A Secret Discount for Fingbox

Shhhh: Don’t tell anyone!

Network Security Promo

Fingbox Giveaway

Like our Facebook page for a chance to win 1 of 3 free Fingboxes!

Network Security Promo

Meet the future of network security

How to prevent network hackers - network security toolkit

** Secret discount will be revealed at the end of the survey.

***Fingbox winners will be announced on the Fing Facebook page when the campaign ends. 3 winners will be announced in total.