New Network Security Features Added to Fingbox!

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Here is the latest on your Fingbox. The whole team have been hard at work (lots of long days and late nights) to make Fingbox come to life. The software is currently being tested in the homes of our team members and everyone on our team – including our CEO – is very impressed with the features.

Right now, we are focused on making sure that all Fingboxes will be the highest quality standard when they are delivered. We’re still tying up the last moving parts on the hardware side to get your Fingboxes shipping by the end of June.

screens showing Fingbox's network security features

New Network Security Features Added! (just because we love you!)

We’re excited to share that we have been able to add a couple of extra network security features to your Fingbox thanks to the expansion of our development team which was funded by your contributions.

    1. WIDS (Wireless Intruder Detection System) on 2Ghz spectrum: We’ve added new security features which will detect the most harmful Wi-Fi attacks and offer protection against MITM (Main In The Middle) and other malicious network attacks. Specifically, Fingbox will detect and alert on:
    • Unauthorized Access Points – Rogue Access Points – Evil Twin Access Points
    • Wi-Fi jamming and de-authentication floods

Image showing what will appear on the app when the network security features pick up a malicious threat

(Alerts on the detection of a Wi-Fi de-authentication flood attack)

Image showing what will appear on the app when the network security features pick up a network gateway change

(Alerts on the detection of a new Wi-Fi access point with the same name)

image showing what will appear on the app when the network security features detect a wi-fi attack

(Alerts on the detection of a new gateway, which could be a Man In The Middle (MITM) attack)

    2. Valid IP Address Tracking: Fingbox will start tracking devices even before they get a valid network address in your network. Even devices that are not getting a valid address in your network will be tracked. This means that Fingbox will be very useful for:
    • Troubleshooting: You’ll know immediately if you have an issue with your router/DHCP-server.
    • Security: More importantly you’ll get peace of mind knowing any device which is physically (air or wired) connected to your network will always be tracked and reported.

The End of July: Fingbox Fulfillment

Due to limited stock, after May 30, 2017, we’ll no longer be taking new orders for July 2017 fulfilment. So in case you’re holding out, be sure to order your own Fingbox today to get it delivered in time for summer. After May 30, 2017, we will still take Indiegogo InDemand orders for September fulfilment.

Fingbox Casing and LEDs

Nothing has made Fingbox come to life more than the arrival of the casing and the LEDs. Watch the short informal video below to get a hint of what to expect!

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be sharing more videos demo’ing Fingbox features so make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel.

Elsewhere Around Fing

  • This month Fingbox hit $700k raised on Indiegogo!
  • Our Android app has not only hit a milestone of 10 million downloads but also recently had a big update to its interface to make it more user-friendly! Check out our latest Android features here. Don’t worry iOS users – your update is due very soon.

Thank you for your patience backers – we very much look forward to sending out your Fingbox as soon as possible! In the meantime, any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on

Carlo & Marco


Founded in 2009, Fing develops IoT technology for network scanning, network security, device identification and WiFi troubleshooting. It’s Fing app is the most downloaded free network scanner app for iOS and Android which has shown impressive Internet of Things growth metrics including more than 15 million downloads and discovery of over 3 billion connected devices.  Fingbox, it’s affordable home network security toolkit brings homes simple network security and troubleshooting features at an affordable price point. For professionals the Fing team also produces an advanced remote network monitoring and tech support system which is used by IT professionals and Integration Companies in over 90+ countries.

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