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The First Fingbox Reviews: Backer Appreciation Highlights Video
August 9, 2017
Network Security Toolkit Update – Fingboxes are now Shipping
August 30, 2017

Network Security Features Demo – Carlo and Marco demo Fingbox features

Network Security Features Demo – Carlo and Marco demo Fingbox features

Update: This article was written during the launch of our Network Security Toolkit, Fingbox. Fingbox is now successfully launched and is being used by 30,000 people worldwide. Join the Fing community today!

Fingbox has officially come to life. Boxes are being fulfilled to over 20,000 Indiegogo backers around the world. It’s been exciting times at Fing watching the product come to life and delivering the end product to users. Check out the Fingbox Release Notes to see how the product is evolving by the day.

Network Security Features Video

Carlo and Marco have recorded a brand new demo video which gives you a full tour of Fingbox set-up and network security features. See the most exciting and useful network security and troubleshooting features Fingbox offers.

Watch the video to discover more about how Fingbox can improve network security and help you troubleshoot internet problems.

What’s covered in the Network Security Features Demo

  • Control everything via the existing Fing App: Fingbox is controlled entirely through the existing Fing Network Scanning App for iOS and Android.
  • Easy to set-up: It only takes a few minutes to configure a Fingbox. It’s so easy to set-up that any can do it.
  • Detect who is at home: Create users to detect the presence in your home by assigning devices to your family members and home service providers.
  • Turn ON alerts: Get notified immediately when a new device is found on your network.
  • Check your Wi-Fi speed: See your Wi-Fi speed in different locations around your home. Use this feature to eliminate annoying Wi-Fi black spots by locating the places that do not get adequate network coverage.
  • Check your Internet speed: See how fast your Internet is performing and if you are really getting what you are paying for.
  • See who is using all the broadband: Use bandwidth analysis to see what amount of broadband your devices are consuming. Use this feature to detect who is the culprit that is slowing down your network.
  • Block intruders from your network: Block intruders from accessing your network.
  • Temporarily pause your kid’s devices: Temporarily block devices like your kid’s gaming console or computer, as a means of parental control. You can also now Pause all a user’s devices in 1-click.
  • See all the Wi-Fi enabled devices near your Fingbox: Use the DigitalFence™ feature to detect all the devices near your Fingbox. You can detect device even if they are not connected to your Wi-Fi network. Add nearby devices to your watch list for security purposes.
  • Detect Wi-Fi attacks: Use the wireless intrusion detection system to detect attacks to your network.
  • See everything happening on your network: Fingbox shows you all the recent events that happened on your network including devices joining, Wi-Fi speed tests, Internet speed tests etc.

Join the fun

Get Fingbox on the Fing Web Shop today and experience all the Network Security Features Fingbox has to offer.

Violet Chepil
Violet Chepil
Head of Marketing at Fing