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Fingbox Delivery Update
June 21, 2017
Network Security Toolkit Update: Manufacturing and a Secret Facebook Group
July 4, 2017

Video Demo: See Fingbox’s Groundbreaking DigitalFence™ Feature in Action!

Update: This article was written during the launch of our Network Security Toolkit, Fingbox. Fingbox is now successfully launched and is being used by 30,000 people worldwide. Join the Fing community today!

Fingbox is becoming real.

We’re getting very excited to watch it finally come off the assembly line in the next two weeks! Read below all the latest from the Fing team, including a demo of our groundbreaking network security feature, DigitalFenceTM 

Meet the DigitalFence™ Feature!

Despite being very busy wrapping things up prior to shipping, Marco and Carlo somehow found the time to do a further demo of our trademarked DigitalFence™ feature which will be included in your Fingbox. Watch the video to see more of your Fingbox live and in action.

The trademarked feature detects ANY device within 15 metres of your Fingbox with it’s Wi-Fi enabled; even if that device is not connected to Wi-Fi.

  • Know what devices are near your home, even if they’re not connected to your Wi-Fi
  • Troubleshoot devices that have dropped off your network but are still active

Backer Appreciation Events – Final Call

The dates are set for the Backer Appreciation Events in London and San Francisco. Join us for a very fun evening where you can collect your Fingbox, get a drink on us, pick up a complimentary Fing fidget spinner and get a live demo of Fingbox features. Marco and Carlo started Fing 9 years ago and they are super excited to finally meet you!

You’ve got to register in advance if you want to attend, so we can be sure to have your Fingbox ready for you.


Shipping Update

Last week we released more details on the Fingbox shipping timeline. In case you missed the update, read about it on our blog.

Thank you for your continued support! We’re getting so close now – only a few weeks more and your Fingbox will be heading straight for you!

Any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@fing.io


About Fing

Founded in 2009, Fing develops IoT technology for network scanning, network security, device identification and WiFi troubleshooting. It’s Fing app is the most downloaded free network scanner app for iOS and Android which has shown impressive Internet of Things growth metrics including more than 15 million downloads and discovery of over 3 billion connected devices.  Fingbox, it’s affordable home network security toolkit brings homes simple network security and troubleshooting features at an affordable price point.

Ava Pierro
Ava Pierro
Content Marketing Manager at Fing