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Network Security Products at CES - Fingbox
Meet Fingbox and Fing’s Innovative Network Security Products at CES 2017
December 19, 2016
Network Device Scanner - Fing
Fing Network Device Scanner Surpasses 500k Free Accounts Created
February 2, 2017
the latest network security trends - smart home

What were the latest network security trends at CES 2017?

 In its 50th year, CES 2017 was the biggest it’s ever been. Not only did the scale of the event break all sorts of its own records, but it also showcased some amazing advances in technology.

Latest network security trends - CES 2017 infographic

Innovation’ was the buzz word of the week and it could not have more spot on. CSO of Starz, John Penney, was quoted saying of that this year “CES and its attendees are working to build a better future for us all” and that captured the atmosphere of the whole show. This was particularly the case in Eureka Park’s start-up village in which over 600 companies, including Fing, were exhibiting new and exciting products. Everywhere you looked there were innovations aiming to make the world a healthier, greener, safer and more enjoyable place to live.

Meeting Our Happy Network Scanning Fans!

The app may have been around since 2009 but CES 2017 was the debut show for Fing! Having spent years behind their computer screens building and developing the Fing network scanning software, Founders Marco and Carlo were blown away to have over 500 fans visit the booth. It was incredible to meet so many avid users of the app and see how Fing helps them with their own network scanning.
latest network security trends - CES 2017

After the support we received from over 6000k backers for our new network security and Wi-Fi troubleshooting toolkit it was also amazing to actually meet some of the people who have purchased Fingbox! We were able to do real life demos of how exactly our backer’s network security boxes will protect their Wi-Fi when it arrives at their home in June.

One of the features that was getting the most attention was Fingbox’s Home Digital Fence feature that enables users to detect any device that has Wi-Fi enabled within the vicinity of a home. The Home Digital Fence feature is particularly handy for knowing when a delivery arrived, when your dog walker passed by, when your kids got home or if something unusual is happening near your house.

Visit our Instagram to see more pictures from CES and of us meeting our lovely fans!

Ava Pierro
Ava Pierro
Content Marketing Manager at Fing