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How to Prevent Network Hackers: 9 Ways Your Home is Vulnerable to Network Hackers
December 12, 2016

IoT Technology: How do people use IoT Technology to scan their Internet of Things?

Interesting facts about the people using Fing’s Internet of Things (IoT) Technology

Since Fing was first launched in 2009 the world’s adoption of the Internet of Things has been skyrocketing. To date there are over 15 million people that have used our advanced IP network scanning features . Millions of people around the world have discovered billions of connected devices using Fing’s IoT technology.

The forecast for continued Internet of Things adoption and growth is very optimistic too. By 2020, there will be 50 billion connected devices around the world.

More devices on the planet means there is a greater need for IoT Technology and applications. As our dependence on connected things continues to grow people will increasingly need systems for network security, internet troubleshooting and remote network management features.

These applications will provide a new level of awareness over IoT connected devices, which traditionally people and homes know little about.

For the first ime, Fing provides home networks with visibility over what’s going on with their network and devices.

To meet the needs of a connected world we have been working hard on updating our own IoT technology to we meet the needs of connected people, lives and homes. (See the new advanced IP network scanning features added in Fing 4.0),

A few months back we decided to run a survey to better understand the people that use the IoT Technology in our application. Over 1200 Fing users participated in the survey. Below are the results of what we learned about our users.

Top IoT Networks Scanned: What types of networks do people scan with IoT Technology?

The survey revealed that most Fing users use the app to scan their Home Network. It’s great to see that many homes are taking control of their network. Read our tips on how to prevent your home network from hackers for additional security tips.

Top IoT Scanning Technology Uses: Why people scan a network with IoT Technology?

The survey revealed that most Fing users use the Network Device Scanner for Network Security and Intruder Detection. No surprises here! The more devices brought on to a home network, the more risks there are of encountering a security breach. When a lot of people are living in close proximity an intruder entering the network and stealing broadband is a real concern.

Many users also use Fing to troubleshoot device and network issues. This is no surprise either as most of us rely on a steady connection to the internet to live our daily lives.

The survey revealed another trend, (a bit surprising) which is that many of our users like using Fing to get a Digital Inventory of their connected technology. The Inventory trend has been driven by new IoT apps like Fing and Trove that are inspiring people to digitalize their things possessions. All I know is that using Fing to quickly identify all your connected devices and create a digital inventory certainly beats creating a paper list of all your stuff. (After all those can tear, get wet or get lost).

Top IoT Scanning Features and Use Cases: What IoT scanning features do people like most?

The survey revealed that the ability to store previous scans was a highly desirable feature. That’s why we added this feature to Fing 4.0.

Getting alerts when an intruder has connected – or a new device has been found-  is very helpful for network security and was also a highly desired feature.

Device blocking when an intruder is detected was also something our users really wanted. In order to implement these features we needed something living on the network and looking out for it 24/7, which is why we’ve added device blocking to our network security toolkit for homes.

Thanks as always for all the kind words you leave us on the app store and Google Play. We love how much our users like discovering their networks and devices.

*We surveyed 1200 users anonymously in a Typeform between June – August 2016.

Violet Chepil
Violet Chepil
Head of Marketing at Fing