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Fingbox, powered by Ubuntu Core, is now available for ordering on Amazon
October 27, 2017
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Fingbox Unboxing and Fingbox Giveaway: What the Press Are Saying About Fingbox
November 15, 2017

Device Sorting/Search/Filtering, Internet Security Features and Internet Outage Recording

New Features are here: Device Sorting/Search/Filtering, Internet Security Features, and Internet Outage Recording

We’re rolling out new network security features in the Fing App and Fingbox 

It’s exciting times at Fing. Last week, we announced that all Indiegogo orders have been fulfilled and that Fingbox is available for purchase on Amazon and our own Fing webshop.

This week we’re excited to share about the latest features we’ve added to the free Fing network scanning app and Fingbox, the hardware add-on for the Fing app.

Fing 6.2.3 is being rolled out this week and here’s what new features you can expect to find.



Device Sorting, Search, & Filtering on the Fing App

New Device Sorting, Search, & Filtering capabilities will be accessible from the Fing App main device list.

  • Change the sort order. You can now sort by status, priority, favorite, important etc.
  • Filter out devices by matching criteria
  • Search for matching text on devices (Android only). You can now search by name, brand, IP address etc.

Internet Security 2.0: Updated Internet Security Features

We’re rolling out new Internet Security features in Fingbox to improve the capabilities of this feature. Here are the new features you can expect to find on Fingbox.

  • Improved graphics and user experience
  • On-demand Internet Security Scanning
  • Reporting of new ports discovered since previous scans
  • Ability to close ports via UPnP
  • Evil Twin Access Point Detection (e.g. KRACK Attack Detection which we announced Fingbox will also detect and alert about)
  • Ability to add Trusted Gateways, to prevent alerts on routers that change network gateway frequently

Internet Outage Recording

Fingbox now records Internet outages on your Network. This feature will see further enhancements in the months ahead to let you visualize Internet Service Provider (ISP) performance over time. Stay tuned!

Fingbox User Guide

We’ve also had the chance to roll-out the full Fingbox user guide which explains the software in full detail. If you haven’t already checked out the user guide, be sure to visit it.

Violet Chepil
Violet Chepil
Head of Marketing at Fing