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Network Security Toolkit Update – Fingboxes are now Shipping
August 30, 2017
Fingbox, powered by Ubuntu Core, is now available for ordering on Amazon
October 27, 2017

Network Security Toolkit Update – Internet Security Check and Pause User Features

Screenshot of Internet Security Check and Pause User Features available in Fingbox Network Security Toolkit

Network Security Toolkit Update – Internet Security Check and Pause User Features

Update: This article was written during the launch of our Network Security Toolkit, Fingbox. Fingbox is now successfully launched and is being used by 30,000 people worldwide. Join the Fing community today!

Hello, everyone,

We just wanted to update you on your Fingbox network security toolkit (now for sale on our WebShop). Over 8,000 Fingboxes have been connected so far and almost 20,000 homes have chosen Fingbox to secure their network.

The latest release of Fingbox has brought about big improvements to the software as well as new features like Pause User and Internet Security Check. This features are currently live in both applications and will see improvement in the coming months as well.

New network security features and improvements

We’ve delivered new functionalities in our latest Fingbox update. Read the Fingbox changelog for full details about Internet Security Check and Pause User Features that have been added to Fingbox.


Internet Security Check

This feature was formerly known as the Hacker Threat Check. Fingbox Internet Security Check feature now shows you open ports and vulnerabilities of your network that your router exposes to the public Internet. Click on Internet Security from the Fingbox Dashboard to get your report. The security checks are repeated periodically – on a weekly basis – and you get alerts when new ports or vulnerabilities are found.

Internet Security Check Pause User Features

(Internet Security Check – Now available from the Fingbox Dashboard)

(Internet Security Check – Features)


Parental Control – 1 Tap Pause User

Now you can easily pause all the devices belonging to a user with a single tap. You can also resume the internet for paused devices in a single tap. Click on a user from the dashboard to see the list of owned devices and pause their access to the Internet.


Internet Security Check and Pause User Features

(Pause User – Pause all user devices in 1 tap)

(Resume User – Resume all user devices in 1 tap)


  • Tap on a user to quickly see assigned devices and actions
  • Important notifications have been moved to the top for better visibility
  • The list of “paused” users and devices have been moved to the bottom
  • The Recent events button has been moved up on the main status header
  • Tiles have been reorganized to show the latest measured values


  • When a device marked “personal” changes state, the related event shows the device owner.


  • Search bar added to the Contact List
  • Colorful initials for newly created users
  • Assign device to a user directly from Device Details
  • Assign device to a user directly from the “New Device Found” Security Notification
  • Show and Edit the device owner in Device Details


  • New message when the Fing app finds a Fingbox that’s already been activated on the network


  • Agent firmware running version 1.6.x
  • Fixes and improvements to network discovery: more lightweight discovery of multicast protocols like UPnP and Bonjour
  • Fix to UPnP protocol that could cause slowdown of streaming devices
  • Better detection and reporting of M-Lab server issues while performing Internet Speed Test

Wave 2 and 3 orders 

Wave 2 orders have begun the shipping process which will be followed by Wave 3 in the next few days. You’ll be notified via email with either a tracking number or shipping notification as soon as your order has been processed.

Review these helpful resources to help you get started with the software:

Every day we’re working on improving and perfecting the Fingbox experience. If you need any help with your Fingbox please use the following email channels:

Learn more about Fingbox

Learn more about Fingbox, the network security toolkit which more than 20,000 homes have chosen to secure their network. Or, purchase a Fingbox today from our webshop.

Violet & the Fing Team

Violet Chepil
Violet Chepil
Head of Marketing at Fing