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Fingbox Network Security Toolkit Update: App Design and Hardware Testing
April 5, 2017
Image of a cafe owner using the Fing IP scanner to scan their network
Your Favorite Free IP Scanner Has Just Got Even Better
April 24, 2017

Fingbox Network Security Toolkit Update: Introducing Our New Internet Parental Control Feature

Update: This article was written during our Fingbox campaign. Our network security device is now launched and available to buy at our webshop!

Can you believe that we’re already halfway through April?! Time is flying by in the lead up to you receiving your little blue box!

We just wanted to update you again on the latest in Fingbox’s development and production. The Fing Team are excited to announce that the Internet Parental Control features in Fingbox is going to be even better and more intuitive than we originally expected. Read on to find out more…


As promised, Fingbox will include it’s simple (yet groundbreaking!) Device Block feature. In addition to this, your box will now also include a Pause Internet feature, which acts as a more extensive form of internet parental control. How the features are intended to be used:

  • Device Block: The Device block feature will completely block a device from both internal LAN traffic and Internet traffic. This defends your network against intruders, and it will have an On/Off functionality.
  • Internet Pause: The Internet Pause feature will give you the ability to pause the Internet connectivity of a device temporarily but still allow connectivity to internal devices. For example; a computer could be paused from the internet but still send something to the printer. This is the perfect simple internet parental control.

In the future, the Pause Internet feature will include a timer and so could also include even more advanced parental control features, such as scheduling and an Internet usage timers. For example, you could use a schedule to set the daily maximum on a specific device (like your children’s Play Station) to 2 hours. After the 2 hours, the Internet connectivity of that device would be paused.

The possibilities are endless with these parental control functions. We’ll keep you posted as this feature evolves.


The Fingbox final pre-production samples have arrived in our offices and our teams have completed internal testing. Unfortunately, we had to request another board to perfect minor defects which have put us behind schedule by about 2 weeks. We are still expecting to ship Fingbox by the end of June and we will confirm the exact shipping date in early May.

Image of Fingbox board for Internet Parental Control Features

We are also finalizing the box packaging and set-up instructions that will go in and around your Fingbox! More information on this in the coming weeks.



It’s been a busy month here at Fing! Check out some of our latest highlights below:

  • The number of Fing accounts created crossed 750,000 users! This feature was only launched in October 2016 so it incredibly to see it grow so fast
  • Our device discovery engine is now capable of discovering over 9 billion devices across hundreds of different types and vendors – this makes Fing the fastest and most reliable device discovery technology in the world
  • We’ve raised over $670,000 for our Fingbox and gained support from more than 10k backers

None of these would be have been possible without your ongoing support, so a massive thank you to our Fing users and Fingbox backers!


We LOVE meeting Fing fans! The next events we are attending are Infocomm in June and the CEDIA Expo in September. Attending either of these? Email us at hello@fing.io to let us know so we can arrange to meet you!

Image of Fing Founders for Internet Parental Control Features


Founded in 2009, Fing develops IoT technology for network scanning, network security, device identification and WiFi troubleshooting. It’s Fing app is the most downloaded free network scanner app for iOS and Android which has shown impressive Internet of Things growth metrics including more than 15 million downloads and discovery of over 3 billion connected devices.  Fingbox, it’s affordable home network security toolkit brings homes simple network security and troubleshooting features at an affordable price point.

Violet Chepil
Violet Chepil
Head of Marketing at Fing