21 Incredibly Interesting Internet Facts

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Checking train times, booking restaurants, donating to friends’ fun runs – the Internet has long since moved from being a tool purely for work. It is a fact that that the Internet has completely re-shaped our lives, both at work and at home.

We use the Internet every day to do so many different jobs that we can no longer imagine how we coped before it. But the technology and the story behind this now vital everyday tool is amazing. Here are 21 incredibly interesting internet facts that you probably didn’t even know.

It’s amazing how little we know about something we use for more than 10 hours a day! –  We’re just scraping the surface when it comes to incredible facts about the Internet, but now you can go and dazzle your friends with your new-found knowledge. Next time you are sat with a beer we expect you to show off that the Internet was invented in a beer garden. Next time you Google something you can think about your search joining the 3.5 billion other searches being performed that day.

The Internet is a vast place – watch this space for more Internet facts from Fing in the future.

This post originally appeared as Wi-Fi Facts on the Domotz Blog

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