Showcasing Fing’s Powerful Intelligent IoT Portal at IoT World Europe 2017

A picture showing a scene from Iot world where we are showcasing our intelligent iot platform

Next week we will be heading to the ExCel Centre in London to take part in London Tech Week’s IoT World Europe.

This is Fing’s first time attending this event so we are very excited to see what the massive show, with all the latest in IoT, has in store for us.

As an IoT start-up we are also very excited to showcase our intelligent IoT portal to the European tech community!

The Power of an Intelligent IoT Portal

Innovative companies want to create impactful digital strategies that leverage the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) in smart homes or offices. This is where our technology comes in.

Fing connects all the different devices on any network to enable companies to harness the true power of the IoT.

Through our intelligent portal, we enable companies to offer new smart home and IoT products that improve their existing services. Our white label solutions help companies increase customer engagement and provide improved insight.

Our ground-breaking solutions are making waves across the IoT space, including Device Inventory, Smart Home, Managed Services (emergency/rapid response), Cyber Security and Artificial Intelligence.

Our existing network security and device inventory apps have seen a high degree of consumer uptake and include metrics such as 20 million app downloads, 1 million USD in pre-sales for our latest network security device and the annual discovery of over 9 billion connected devices.

Want to See Our Intelligent IoT Portal in Action?

You can catch us at the ExCel between 13 – 15 June. Visit us at one of two locations at this event: our main stand is situated within IoT World at booth TX102, but you will also find us in the start-up area, Project Kairos, at booth PK18.

If you would like to arrange a meeting or see a demo of our intelligent IoT platform drop us an email today at – would be great to meet you there!


Founded in 2009, Fing develops IoT technology for network scanning, network security, device identification and WiFi troubleshooting. It’s Fing app is the most downloaded free network scanner app for iOS and Android which has shown impressive Internet of Things growth metrics including more than 15 million downloads and discovery of over 3 billion connected devices.  Fingbox, it’s affordable home network security toolkit brings homes simple network security and troubleshooting features at an affordable price point. For professionals the Fing team also produces an advanced remote network monitoring and tech support system which is used by IT professionals and Integration Companies in over 90+ countries.

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