Fingbox: The Evolution of Our Home Network Security Device

Picture of one of developers working on our network security device

We are getting very excited to see what our Fingbox supporters think of their new home network security and Wi-Fi troubleshooting toolkit when it reaches them in the summer.

It’s been an exciting journey so far and we can’t thank our Fing supporters enough. It’s you who have made our home network security device a reality!

So reminisce with us as we travel back through the evolution of Fingbox and see just how far your home network security device has come.

$750k Raised for Our Home Network Security Device!

20 May 2017 Over the weekend our home network security device hit an incredible $750k in funding – that’s 2900% over our original $25k target!

To go from our little free network scanning app to this level of funding really means a lot to the whole team behind Fing.

We currently have almost 10,000 backers from 120 countries around the world!

Our Backers Smash The 3rd and Final Stretch Goal for Their Network Security Device

20 January 2017 Back from the Christmas holiday, it didn’t take our backers long to smash our $500k stretch goal, securing them the highly-anticipated Home Digital Fence.

This new feature alerts you when ANY Wi-Fi enabled device is in the proximity of your Fingbox, whether the device is logged into your home network or not! How about that for complete home network security?

An image showing the social media post we shared about the addtion of the home digital fence to our home network security toolkit

Our Indiegogo Campaign Comes to an End

23 December 2016 Two days before Christmas and just over a month after the official launch of Fingbox, our campaign closed and went into Indiegogo’s ‘In-Demand’ mode.

There was an amazing push from our backers to try and hit the final stretch goal of $500k in order to add another new home network security feature, but we finished just short at $435k, with 6350 backers.

Although we didn’t hit the final stretch goal, we were still blown away by the support of our backers and to finish at $410k over our original target!

We left for our festivities full of home networking cheer!

A picture showing our Christmas thank you animation to our backers saying thank you for supporting our network security toolkit

5000 Wonderful Backers

15 Dec 2016 In the lead up to Christmas we had an overwhelming amount of support from our backers, with them sharing the campaign across social media to get the word out there about our little home network security device.

By mid-December we had 5,000 people supporting Fingbox.

Christmas Comes Early for our Home Network Security Device

4 December 2016 Two weeks after the official launch of our campaign we were very excited to announce to our $250k stretch goal had been hit!

This meant the addition of the Hacker Threat Check – a very clever security feature that scans your home network ports and passwords for risks of being hacked.

Fingbox, the Ultimate Home Network Security Device, is Launched!

21 November 2016 – A week after our Early Bird launch, our Indiegogo campaign officially began. It was amazing to see our incredible backers spreading the word about our home network security device far and wide.

By the end of the day over 2200 backers had supported the Fingbox campaign.

Image showing our promo for the launch of our home network security device

We Hit Our First Stretch Goal and Add a Network Security Feature!

18 November 2016 – Two days after our Early Bird campaign opened, and before we had even officially launched, we were blown away to reach our first stretch goal of $100k.

This goal meant the addition of a remote access function to Fingbox. This feature supports a web portal connection via mobile app to your home network devices, allowing you to access your devices from anywhere in the world. This is great for troubleshooting your IoT or checking in on IP cameras.

Our Early Bird Campaign Opens

16 November 2016 The 16 November will always go down as a proud day in Fing’s history. Not only did our Fingbox Early Bird campaign open to our hardcore Fing fans, but our $25k fundraising goal was smashed within 1 hour of its release!

With the required goal to get the our home network security device off the ground reached, the whole team was cheering to see that Fingbox would actually become a reality for our users.

By the end of the day we had raised over $70k and had the support of 1140 backers!

A picture showing the early bird promo for our home network security device

And in the Beginning There Was Network Scanning

The Fing network scanning app was created in 2009 by our wonderful founders, Marco and Carlo. After years of continuous development, the founders wanted to take Fing’s network scanning abilities to another level.

So in early 2016 we reached out to our Fing users to see where they wanted to take their network scanning capabilities next. An overwhelming number of people said that they would like Fing to be able to block an unwanted device from their home network when an intruder was discovered. This got our Founders thinking – unfortunately this isn’t possible with an app, but it could be possible with a hardware component.

From this, Fingbox was born!

Image showing brainstorming on a whiteboard of home network security device designs


Founded in 2009, Fing develops IoT technology for network scanning, network security, device identification and WiFi troubleshooting. It’s Fing app is the most downloaded free network scanner app for iOS and Android which has shown impressive Internet of Things growth metrics including more than 15 million downloads and discovery of over 3 billion connected devices.  Fingbox, it’s affordable home network security toolkit brings homes simple network security and troubleshooting features at an affordable price point. For professionals the Fing team also produces an advanced remote network monitoring and tech support system which is used by IT professionals and Integration Companies in over 90+ countries.

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