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Home network security &
troubleshooting device

Add superpowers to your home network with the Fing App and Fingbox sensor. Fingbox plugs into your existing WiFi router and lets you secure and troubleshoot your network from anywhere.

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Secure your network, devices and family

See who’s coming and going

Schedule digital downtime 

Keep your network running smoothly

Secure your network, devices, and family

Intruder & Hacker Alerts

Get alerts about intruders and hackers trying to access your network.

Vulnerabilities & Threats

Find out in advance about vulnerabilities on your network like opened ports, a public IP address and no firewall being in place.

See who’s coming and going

Digital Presence

Create users based on digital presence to see who’s coming and going from your home.

Devices Nearby

DigitalFence detects any device around your home, even if it’s not connected to your WiFi network.

Schedule digital Downtime

Parental Control

Fingbox features allow you to manage and control the digital downtime of the children (or adults!) on your network.

Image of an app in hand being used for network security.
Image of a man WiFi troubleshooting under a table while using the Fingbox software for parental control, network security, device blocking and remote monitoring

Keep your network running smoothly

Internet & WiFi Speed

Get the exact WiFi speed in every corner of your home. Automated speed tests so you can find out if you’re getting the actual speed you pay for.

Bandwidth Hogging Devices

Analyse the bandwidth consumption of your devices to find out what devices are eating up the broadband.

ISP Score

Compare your service providers internet and WiFi speed with those in your city and country.