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May 25, 2018
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June 6, 2018

Fingbox is Attending CES Asia – Come See the Latest in Network Security!

A picture of the CES Asia logo

From the 13 – 15th June Fing are excited to attend CES Asia for the first time.

We will showcasing Fingbox – our award-winning network security device and mobile app for protecting your home or office.

Fingbox discovers any device on any network in seconds, and as the app identifies by MAC address, you get loads of extra information to help you identify the devices on your network. As well as the IP address for each host, you also get data on the makes, models and brands, helping you quickly know what device is what.

One of the most popular reasons that our users love Fing is because it detects unwanted network intruders and WiFi stealers on their network. In one quick IP scan, users can identify any unknown device that’s on the network. The free Fing network scanning app does not include a Device Blocking feature (it would be very dangerous to allow just any user to block a device on a WiFi network. Imagine if anyone could connect to your network and start blocking all the devices on it?!), so this is why we built Fingbox!

a picture of fingboxes at ces asia

Fingbox is available for a flat fee – no subscription model which retails at $129 USD with a 2-year warranty.

Come See Fingbox at CES Asia!

To have the opportunity to showcase the Fingbox product is very exciting, and we aim to provide a real understanding as to the benefits of the product.

You can find us at booth #4169 in Hall N4.

We are running daily draws for the chance to win a Fingbox. Simply drop your card by the booth for your chance to win 1 of 10 Fingboxes.

15-minute introduction slots available. Click here to register for a quick introduction to Fingbox and how it can assist you in delivering a comprehensive security management system for home and SME networks.

pictures of the fing team who you can meet at ces asia

Since launching the product Fingbox has grown as one of the fastest Tech start-ups within network security and with a focus of further development Fingbox aims to be an integral part of network security within Australia and around the Globe for homes and SMEs.

Fingbox offers a one-stop solution. Whether you require identification of anyone accessing your network or the ability to limit WIFI in your home or business, Fingbox has the solution.

The simple plug and play installation process requires no technical know-how, and you will be online within a few minutes.

We look forward to meeting you at booth #4169 in Hall N4!

Ava Pierro
Ava Pierro
Content Marketing Manager at Fing