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Become a Fingbox Affiliate

Become a Fingbox Affiliate

Do you love using Fingbox? Do you have a blog, social media following or another community? Become a Fingbox affiliate and we’ll give you $15 cashback for every referral that purchases a Fingbox. Sign-up and you’ll be given your own unique tracking link and an account so you can easily manage your referrals.


Register to become an affiliate. You’ll be notified as soon as we approve your account. Then you’ll get a unique link to promote.


Share your affiliate link on social media, blog posts, your own blog and with friends and family.


Our affiliate program automatically calculates what you have earned. At the end of the month we’ll pay you out $15 for each Fingbox referral that is made.


  • Earn Cashback: $15 cash back for every referral you make that purchases a Fingbox.
  • ✔ Monetize: Monetize your blog or links on the web. It’s easy and only takes a second to implement.
  • ✔ Easy: Simple to sign-up and get your tracking linking. Payments are processed automatically within days.
  • ✔ Help: Spread the word about Fingbox.

Ready to become a Fingbox affiliate?