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Network Device Scanner - Fing

Fing Network Device Scanner App Surpasses 500k Free Accounts Created

As the Internet of Things booms so does the need to understand what devices are using our networks. With over 15 million downloads Fing has long been the no.1 free network scanner, but it is the app’s recently surpassed milestone that really shows the growing interest in device identification.

500k Network Scanning Accounts Created in 120 Days!

120 days-ago we launched the ability to create your own account on our free network scanner. The main reason for adding this new function was due to popular demand from our users!

Fing network scanners wanted the ability to save their scans and access these details from multiple devices. Not one to shy away from the requests of our Fing fans, we went ahead and released our biggest ever update for Android and iOS. In addition to network device scan storage, the Fing free account also gives app users the ability to:

  • Save previous scans: Save the details of the networks that you have previously scanned
  • Access Scans anywhere: Access your network scans from anywhere
  • Web App: Access your scans by web app.
  • Get Alerts: Alerts when a new device joins your network since the last scan.
  • Auto-merge of multiple networks: automatic merge of multiple access points into a single network

We’re also happy to share that all users can now access Enriched Device Details including NetBIOS, UPNP and Bonjour; name, properties, and device types – both with or without a Fing account.

What was amazing was the rate in which new accounts were created for our free network scanner. Over half a million accounts were made in just 120 days – that’s almost 5,000 people a day signing up to store their network device scans! During this time these account holders also discovered over 25 million devices – an average of 50 devices per network!

The Growing Need for Network Device Scanning

So why do some people want to understand what devices are on their network? The number one reason is network security.

  • The Rise of Smart Home Technology: 2016 saw the rise of smart home technology and IoT. With developments in smart home tech becoming mainstream, plus the increase in wearables and the average number of mobiles, laptops and tablets per person, it’s not surprising that Fing account holders discovered an average of 50 devices per network! And bigger networks mean increased vulnerabilities to our homes from network hackers.
  • Risks of Being Hacked: Network hacking is an increasingly successful way to steal the information passed between your devices – it is the act of using a smart device, such as a phone or laptop, to physically access the victim’s network. To do this all they need is a single open port or weak router password. Due to the lack of obvious interference this method has with your devices, once on your network a hacker can move around unseen.Unless you use Fing!
  • Intruder Detection: Device identification is the first step to tackling home network hackers. A network device scan is the best and quickest way to spot these unwanted intruders on your network.
  • Digital Inventory & Device Identification: Storing these scans not only keeps a record of what has accessed your network but also allows you to create a Digital Inventory of your connected technology. Fing quickly identifies all your connected devices and creates a digital inventory for you – a useful feature for the growing home network! It also allows your Fing app to identify when a new device has accessed your network and alerts you to a potential intruder.It is great to see so many people using a network device scanner to take a proactive approach to home network security. As our individual connected worlds grow we hope to see device identification as a staple in smart home living.
Violet Chepil
Violet Chepil
Head of Marketing at Fing