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Meet FingKit

Recognize any device on any network, with nearly zero integration. Use the connected device identification that’s at the heart of the Fing Mobile Apps in your own hardware or application.You can use either the FingKit SDK or FingKit Cloud API to implement the solution.

Screenshot of a white label Device Recognition SDK app screen built using the FingKit SDK.

Are you developing your own application and want to add Fing scanning and device recognition capabilities? Then Get FingKit. Access a free trial of FingKit today.

FingKit SDK – MAC address discovery and Connected Device Recognition.


The FingKit SDK is the recommended solution to discover MAC addresses and get accurate identification information of connected devices. The SDK leverages the same technology that’s used in the Fing mobile apps which have over 30 million downloads.

The SDK enables you to discover the MAC address of any device and then turn the MAC address into device details including brand, type, and model. We are in the process of adding UPC codes too.

Use the FingKit SDK to turn something meaningless into something meaningful.

If you have an existing application, we recommend using the FingKit SDK because it not only discovers the MAC address of devices but it also provides higher device recognition accuracy. The FingKit SDK has in excess of 90% success rates in accurately recognizing IP devices.

Image of FingKit Device Identification SDK including Router, App and Logo

Cloud API – Cloud-based recognition of any device, with nearly zero integration.


The Cloud API lets you easily identify your IP devices using the power of Fing. The Cloud API does not discover the MAC address of devices. For MAC address discovery, you should use the FingKit SDK.

You pass us a MAC address via our RESTful API and we’ll tell you what it is. You send a MAC address plus any available protocol details (e.g. DHCP, Netbios, UPnP). The more protocol details you provide the better recognition we can infer.

This solution also requires nearly zero integration with your cloud, so you can get up and running in no time.

If you have an existing application, we recommend using the FingKit SDK because it provides higher device recognition accuracy.

Image of FingKit Device Identification SDK including Router, App and Logo

Why FingKit?

Turn meaningless MAC addresses into useful information

Find out what devices are in any environment

Understand your customers better

How it works

Fing provides you with an SDK or API key

Use the platform to make calls to Fing

SDK: FingKit scans the network and automatically enrichen the MAC address of devices. Just integrate our executables into your code and we do the rest of the work for you.

CLOUD API: You provide the MAC address of a device directly to our Fing Cloud via our restful API straight from your code. Zero integration work!

Reply: Fing replies with the device information (Type, Brand, Model and UPC – coming soon!)

Image of how the Fingkit Device Recognition SDK works

FingKit SDK Pricing

  • Pricing starts at $0.40/month per active user with declining prices for higher volumes
  • Low monthly subscription charge per platform
  • No limits on the networks scanned or MAC addresses discovered by a user

Cloud API Pricing 

  • Only pay for devices successfully enriched
  • Pricing as low as $0.05 per credit for volume purchases
  • 1 successful enrichment of a unique MAC address = 1 Fing Credit
  • 1 successful enrichment refresh of a unique MAC address = 0.01 Fing Credit
  • 1 unsuccessful MAC address enrichment = 0.01 Fing Credit

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Why is the FingKit SDK recommended over the Cloud API?
We recommended using the FingKit SDK because it includes Fing’s proprietary network scanning tools and typically results in significantly higher device identification success rates than the Cloud API.

What is the main difference between the FingKit SDK and Cloud API?
The main difference is that the FingKit SDK automatically performs the scanning of the network and analyzes all discovery protocol information whereas with the Cloud API you must provide us with the MAC address plus any available discovery protocols.

Can I get a free trial of the FingKit SDK or Cloud API?
Definitely! Please fill in the form to access a free trial. Once you fill in the form on the website, a member of our sales team will follow-up as soon as possible.

Who should use the FingKit SDK or Cloud API?
The product is recommended for device manufacturers or software developers looking to enhance the functionality of their own hardware, service or app.

How hard is to integrate Fingkit into 3rd party apps?

The Fingkit SDK requires some integration effort into your code, but we provide you with documentation and example files. The Cloud API requires zero integration effort other than performing a simple API call to the service.