Fingbox: The Evolution of Our Home Network Security Device

From concept to reality, we travel back through the evolution of our ultimate home network security device, Fingbox.

Your Favorite Free IP Scanner Has Just Got Even Better – FING

The latest update to the free Fing app, our powerful IP scanner tool, has given users even clearer visibility over of their networks.

Fing Network Device Scanner Surpasses 500k Free Accounts Created

Fing, the no.1 network device scanner, shows the growing need for IoT device identification after 500k free Fing accounts created 120 days.

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8 Awesome Reasons why Fing is the Best Free Network IP Scanner for Securing your Home Network

8 awesome reasons why Fing is the Best Network IP Scanner. Beautiful user friendly design, super-fast reliable technology, over a dozen network tools, no ads and it’s free!

The Best Free Network Scanner for Android: Fing Android 5.0 is here

Fing Android 5 is here. The best Free Network Scanner for Android is looking better than ever with new features, a new user interface, a new design and improved navigation.

Advanced IP Network Scanner: Fing 4.0 is here including features for device identification, intruder alerts and more

We’re excited to announce that today we released Fing Network Scanner 4.0! The updated Fing network scanner is packed with new features for you to enjoy. New device alerts, device status alerts, brand new icons, a new web app and so much more!