Video Demo: See Fingbox’s Network Security & Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Features in Action!

See our Fingbox’s network security & wi-fi troubleshooting features in action in our new video demo! Features such as device block, internet pause and much more.

New Network Security Features Added to Fingbox!

The latest update on the production of our home network security & Wi-Fi troubleshooting toolkit, including details on the new network security features!

Introducing the New Internet Parental Control Features in Fingbox

We all know the pain of trying to pry our kids away from their smart devices. Fingbox’s new internet parental control feature, Internet Pause, is here to help! Plus more news on the latest in the production of Fingbox.

Fingbox Network Security Toolkit Update: App Design and Hardware Testing

Here is the latest news on Fingbox production as well as all the things that have been happening around the company since our February update.

Fingbox Network Security Toolkit Update: software development, manufacturing progress, onboarding and other exciting Fing news

IoT Technology: How do people use IoT Technology to scan their Internet of Things?

IoT Technology: How do people use IoT Technology to scan their Internet of Things networks and devices. IoT interest from home networks is on the rise.

The Ultimate Home Network Security Tool: Fingbox to include a Home Digital Fence Feature

The ultimate home network security tool; our home digital fence lets you detect any device in the vicinity of your home with WiFi enabled even if not connected to your WiFi.

Network Security Toolkit Promotion: Bring a Friend to Fingbox and Get Cash Back on your Device

Fingbox Network Security Toolkit Promotion. Refer a friend. Save on Fingbox Network Security and WiFi Troubleshooting Toolkit. No Subscription.

Affordable Home Network Security Toolkit launches – Fingbox

The Fingbox Indiegogo campaign which aimed to raise $25,000, was fully funded and sold out of Super Early Bird perks within minutes of launching! Wow!

Network Security Toolkit for Homes: Secure your Home Network with Device Blocking, Intruder Detection and more

To keep innovating and deliver more features to our Fing users, we have developed Fingbox which will be launching soon on Indiegogo. Check out our progress and how Fingbox will come to life.