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The simple plug & play device to secure and troubleshoot your home network. SHIPS WORLDWIDE WITHIN 1 WORKING DAY.

Over 20,000 homes have chosen Fingbox to secure their network. Detect intruders, uncover your WiFi and Internet speeds, find out who is hogging the bandwidth, block devices, pause your kid’s internet access, parental control and plenty more. Take control of your home network with Fingbox. Includes 2-year manufacturer warranty and 30-day returns.

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Internet Security



Common questions about Fingbox 

Do I have to pay a subscription charge?

All Fingbox purchases include a lifetime subscription to the standard Fingbox service. 

What does my purchase include?

–       1 Fingbox
–       1 Network Cable
–       1 Power Cable
–       Power Adapters (US, UK, EU, AU)
–       Access to all Fingbox features

How many devices can I monitor with Fingbox? 

Fingbox can monitor an unlimited number of devices on your network. Each Fingbox can only be used to monitor 1 network, therefore, an additional Fingbox is needed for each subnet or VLAN.

What is the DigitalFence™?

The Fingbox DigitalFence™ is a trademarked feature which detects any device in the vicinity of the Fingbox with WiFi enabled. This feature is useful for detecting if someone has passed by your house like the dog walker, cleaning person, delivery person etc. The DigitalFence™ gives you unprecedented visibility on everything happening near your home.

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 Product Highlights

Fingbox product highlights


2-year manufacturer warranty included.


Emotive LED lights which reflect key actions and features in operation.
LEDs can be dimmed or deactivated.

Operating System (OS)

Linux Ubuntu Core OS


App for iOS or Android devices.
Web App for access to some features.


Monitoring of all wired and wireless devices on a network.

The DigitalFence operates on the 2.4Ghz spectrum but can detect all devices because they probe all spectrums when roaming.

More Information

Visit the Knowledge Base or contact us on support@fing.io for any technical or shipping related questions. Check-out our Indiegogo campaign – which raised almost 2 million USD – or learn more about Fingbox features.