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November 20, 2016
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November 28, 2016
Best Free Network Scanner for Android

Better Device Identification, Improved Navigation and a New Modern Design that improves Usability

The Free and Best Network Scanner App for Android has gotten a major update. In addition to the Advanced IP Network Scanning Features offered by Fing, you’ll also enjoy even more new features for scanning your networks including:

  • A more seamless, organized, efficient and (still free) network scanning experience
  • Better UX/UI features
  • Improved navigation
  • Much easier to find all the free features Fing has to offer
  • A more beautiful design
  • Optimized adaptive layout for tablets and chromebooks

Access all the same network scanning functionalities in a much better and more seamless way.

Day/Night Mode

Choose whether your Fing App has a dark or light background!

Device icons: my device, important, favorites

You’ll now see markers that indicate special elements.

  • Your device: There is a purple icon marker for your own device. The purple icon marker will show up beside the device you are scanning on.
  • Special items: You can easily Flag Items that are special in the network, simply by tapping the flag from the device details page.
  • Favorites: You can also easily Favorite your important devices or those which you love from the device details page.

Network scan details

  • Icon groups: Icons are now grouped by categories so they are easier to find.
  • Device location: You can also add a device location (kitchen, living room) to each of your devices.

Device details and tools

It’s much easier to view, edit and export your devices.

All the tools already present in the Fing app are now bundled in a much more user friendly way. Access the following functionalities: Service Scan, Trace route, Ping and Wake on LAN (WoL), directly from the Device Details section.

We have also added automated DNS resolution to the Fing Droid 5 app.

Network type

You can now specify the type of network that you are scanning. Choose if your network is home, office or public. In the future we plan to add better fine tuning to your Fing app experience based on your environment.

Improved navigation

Easily switch between the feature sections in the Fing app. Navigate between Networks, Devices, Tools and Fingbox sections in the app – simply by swiping or tapping the icons on the bottom menu bar.


Settings for the app and each individual network have been separated so you can access them easier.


We are proud to share that the new Fing Android app leverages Google App Design Principles! In short the app is much more beautiful than before. Download the Fing Android app today to experience the new features Fing 5 has to offer.

Network Security & WiFi Troubleshooting

Did you know Fing also develops other powerful tools for your home and business networks? Fingbox is our network security toolkit for homes.

Violet Chepil
Violet Chepil
Head of Marketing at Fing