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Best Free Network Scanner for Android
The Best Free Network Scanner for Android: Fing Android 5.0 is here
November 21, 2016
Network Device Scanner - Fing
Fing Network Device Scanner Surpasses 500k Free Accounts Created
February 2, 2017

8 Awesome Reasons why Fing is the Best Free Network IP Scanner for Securing your Home Network


 1. Fing is a super-fast and reliable Network IP Scanner

Since 2009, Fing has delivered advanced IP network scanning features to iOS and Android. The Fing IoT technology is trusted, reliable and super-fast. The app discovers any device on any network in seconds! It’s the best way to get familiar with your home network and devices and stay on top of your networks security by detecting intruders and unwanted devices.

2. Fing is 100% free to use and free of ads

Fing’s network scanning features are completely free to use. The app does not have any adds either. Though we are currently promoting our Fingbox, network security toolkit very discretely right now.

3. Beautifully designed apps that are intuitive AND nice to look at it

MAC addresses and IP addresses can be overwhelming to look at – especially for those not used to seeing network information. At Fing, we want to make home networking easy and accessible for everyone. That’s why the Fing app includes a user friendly, intuitive, and approachable design which makes networking more accessible for everyone.

That’s why we’ve put so much time and effort into the design of Fing.

4. Fing’s network scanning features keep getting better

We have big plans for Fing and we are constantly evolving and improving our interface. Here are the latest features we have added to the free Fing app.

In Fing 4.0 we added:

  • Web app: ability to access your network IP scans on the web
  • Network details: ability to save your previous network scans
  • Alerts: alerts for new devices detected compared to a previous scan, device status change alerts

In Fing Android 5 we added:

  • Rooms: the ability to add a room to the devices you scan
  • Dark mode: the ability to choose a dark or light background depending on your preference. (Be careful for the night is dark and filled with terrors.)
  • Enhanced Design: we’ve also enhanced the design of the app to meet Google Material Design standards, and be more user friendly to use in general.

We’ve also got many more plans for Fing down the road.

5. Fing includes many features beyond network scanning and alerts

  • Port scanning: Looking for opened ports on the device
  • Trace route: a diagnostic tool for displaying the route (path) and measuring transit delays of packets on the internet
  • Wake on Lan: Remotely wake up devices
  • Internet status: Find out if you really have internet connection and whether a device is connected or not

6. 100’s of thousands of positive reviews on the App Store and Google Play.

“The best network admin tool on play store. Hands down.”

“Years later an even better app.”

“With the new ‘night mode’ Fing is now better than ever.”

7. Fing always gives you the best network IP information that’s available

  • The free Fing network scanner includes comprehensive details about your devices
  • Get device NetBIOS, UPNP and Bonjour: name, properties and device type
  • It makes it seamless and easy to find your device’s IP address and MAC address

8. Fing helps you identify intruders that are connected to your network

One of the most popular reasons that our users use Fing is to detect unwanted WiFi network intruders that are connected to the network. In one quick scan, users can identify an unknown device that’s on the network. The free Fing network scanning app does not include Device Blocking feature – because it would be very dangerous to allow any user to block a device on a WiFi network. Just imagine if anyone could connected to your network  and start blocking all the devices on it? It would be very dangerous indeed.

So many users have asked for Device Blocking features, which is why we built these into Fingbox. Fingbox is an affordable home network security toolkit which permanently resides on a network, making it much easier and safer to enable device blocking in a secure way.

Network Security & Professional Monitoring Tools

Did you know Fing also develops other powerful tools for your home and business networks? Fingbox is our network security toolkit for homes. Domotz PRO is our professional grade network monitoring and remote tech support system for integration companies and IT professionals.

Author: Violet Chepil

Head of Marketing at Fing

Violet Chepil
Violet Chepil
Head of Marketing at Fing