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Become a Fing PRO

Our new “Find a PRO” service launching on the Fing App in 2018, connects IT professionals with homes and offices that need IT help (networking, PC and mobile support, Security, Smart Home, AV).

• List your IT business to over 30 Million Fing app users

• Purchase Fingbox at wholesale price so you can resell it to your customers

• Connect with the Fing community

List your IT business in the Fing App

Over 4 million consumers are using the Fing App every month to solve IT related problems. Showcase your IT business and brand in the upcoming “FIND A PRO” tab on the Fing App so new customers can contact YOU when they need help.

Connect with Customers

Bid on jobs that are created by homes and offices that are searching for local IT help.

Fingbox at Wholesale Price

Get Fingbox at wholesale price so that you can sell it to your customers.


How will an IT Professional gain visibility in the Fing App via this new service?

The Find a Pro service is part of a Fing Community section we are launching in 2018. The service will connect people who experience connectivity and network security related issues with IT professionals. The new Fing Community is a peer-to-peer effort where Fing users can help each other by asking network connectivity and security related questions. There will be no charge for using or contributing to the Fing Community. Fing Pros will be able to list their business in a localized search engine in the Fing Community section and gain visibility by voluntarily helping users in the forum.

Will there be a subscription fee for the service?

Yes, this is a subscription service which will carry a small monthly fee. We are still working out exact pricing. The early bird payment will secure you “Founder” status and you’ll also be featured more prominently when we launch. It is just an advanced payment and will be credited to your account once we go live.

Will we spam users with Ads?

No way! We’d never spam our users with ads. Find a Pro will be a localized search engine located in a specific section of the Fing App and the Fing Website which users can choose to browse if they want to or need help. The initiative is part of a larger UI redesign going live in Q1 2018 which includes re-arranging some of the tabs on the bottom of the app.

How are Fing Pros vetted?

We’re going to develop a credibility system (through badges, awards, stars etc.) which will help end users to understand and build trust for professionals. Fing Pros can also gain visibility in the Fing Community by helping other users in the forum.

Why Fing?

Fing is a razor-focused community with 30 million users who all share one common interest: better control and understanding of their network. Fing is also growing very fast. In the last twelve months, we have doubled our user base. Currently, 35 thousand new people download our app or browse the Fing website every single day!

Who are the 30 Million Fing users my business will get exposure to?

Over the last few years, we performed extensive analysis and surveys on our app user base which has 30 million downloads. Through our research, we estimate that 85% of app downloads are by homes with a network connectivity/security issue and 15% are professionals that use the app to perform their job. This new feature will allow millions of the homes using the Fing App to get targeted help from a qualified professional in the field of networking, connectivity, PC and tablet support, audiovisual installation, and Smart Homes.


Have a question about Fing Pro? Email us on pro@fing.io