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Awareness, Protection, and Peace of Mind for Insurers and their Customers

Today’s insurers need to innovate – fast to keep up with changing lifestyles and behaviors driven by consumers and their reliance on connected devices.

Fing brings awareness about risks and threats, protection and peace of mind for smart homes, small businesses, and gadgets.

Cyber Business Protection

Insurers are selling Cyber policies to small businesses without any visibility on what preventative actions are being taken. On the other end, small businesses have limited resources to keep their network and devices performing and secure.

Fing provides a Cybersecurity companion which gives actionable insight so businesses can protect themselves from Cyber-attacks and risks:

  • Proactive monitoring against potential security hazards
  • Anti-Phishing and Anti-Malware
  • Help troubleshooting network performance issues
  • Internet connection quality monitoring
  • Insight about SMEs security posture so Insurers can enhance risk assessment and provide more accurate pricing

Smart Home and Personal Cyber Insurance

As the home network grows, so does the strain on its capabilities and its security. Without proper security, every device can act as an access point for hackers to the network. With more technology homes need help managing all pieces of technology which don’t always communicate with each other.

Fing technology discovers all devices on the network and provides a central system for monitoring and alerts. We combine physical security (Cloud2cloud integration with smart home devices) for cyber protection:

    • Device and Digital presence (i.e. who is home and what they are using)
    • Smart Home Device Cloud2Cloud Integration
    • Individual Cyber Protection
    • Parental Control
    • Troubleshooting

Smart Gadget Insurance

We streamline every gadget insurance experience. Fing offers the best device recognition technology available to find and identify any connected device on any network

  • Instant Identification: We recognize all connected device on any network by Type, Brand, and Model in seconds.
  • Friendly Device List: Let your customers find all their connected devices and purchase gadget insurance in 1-click in a way that’s completely digitized
  • More Conversions: Know exactly what your customers want to protect and offer those solutions to them

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