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Advanced IP Network Scanner: New network scanning features including device identification, intruder alerts and more

Advanced IP Network Scanner

Advanced IP Network Scanner features: New network scanning features added to Fing

Improved device identification, intruder alerts and more

We’re excited to announce that today we released Fing 4.0, which includes new advanced IP network scanner features! This is the biggest app update we’ve ever implemented to date on Fing, the world’s most downloaded network scanning app for iOS and Android.

We’ve added lots of new advanced network scanning features to Fing which make staying on top of your network easier than ever. Access to these new features is entirely free. All you need to do is create an account on the app to experience them.

New network scanning features

  • Synch Networks: Access Your network scans and device details from anywhere. Back up, sync and access your networks across devices by mobile app.
  • Web App: The brand new Fing web app – for accessing your network scans on the web. Use the brand new Fing web app, to access your network scans from anywhere on the web.
  • New device alerts: Receive email alerts each time a new device has joined. (New devices will be determined by your previous scans).
  • Device status alerts: Receive email alerts when your devices change status.
  • Better device discovery: Thanks to our improved algorithms, we’ve got better device discovery including device brand.
  • Automatic merge: Fing now automatically merges networks with multi-band and access points into a single network.
  • Brand new icons: We’ve added new icons for customizing your devices. Add an icon to all your special devices from smart locks to pet monitors.
  • A better iOS UI: We’ve updated and improved the look of our iOS app.

Plus the advanced IP network scanner features you already love

All the new advanced IP network scanning features that have been added to Fingbox, in addition to the features you already know and use.

  • Network Security: identify any device on any network in seconds
  • Intruder Detection: identify unknown and unwanted devices on your network
  • Port Scanning: port scanning to find available services
  • Device Ping
  • Wake-on-LAN
  • Trace-route
  • Device Details: advanced device details including Bonjour, UPNP and NetBios

All you need to do to experience the new Fing 4.0 network scanning features is update your Android or iOS app and create an account. All the new features we’ve added to Fing, are 100% free as usual! There are no subscription and no in-app advertisements either.

Want more network security & troubleshooting features?

Get Fingbox, the hardware add-on for the free Fing network scanning app. Fingbox is an all-in-one network security toolkit which unlocks more free features in your Fing app. The device includes advanced network scanning features such as device blocking, parental control, bandwidth analysis, internet speed, Wi-Fi speed, remote monitoring, alerts and so much more.

Violet Chepil
Violet Chepil
Head of Marketing at Fing