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Join 15 million users and 7000 Indiegogo backers that use Fing products for network security and Wi-Fi troubleshooting.

Best Free Network Scanner

Fing App

The #1 free network scanner

With over 15 million downloads and 700k network scans performed every day, Fing is the world’s best network scanner for iOS and Android. Use Fing to discover all the devices connected on any WiFi network in seconds.

Network Scan
Scan any network and see which devices are connected to it.

Network Security
Identify intruders and unwanted devices.

Alerts when a new device joins your network since the last scan.

Web App
Access your previous scans by mobile & web app.


Service Scan
Device port scanning to detect any available services

Wake up devices remotely from the Fing app

Device Ping
Ping a device and check the response time

Device Details
NetBIOS, UPNP and Bonjour: name, properties and device types


Network Security Toolkit for Homes

Fingbox is a powerful device for home network security and Wi-Fi troubleshooting that unlocks more features in your Fing app. And it’s already raised over $500,000 on Indiegogo. For only $79 and no subscription, Fingbox secures your home network with features like device blocking, hacker threat check, a digital fence and more. Learn More

Network Security
Identify and monitor all the devices on your network, including those essential to security.

Device Block
Block any device from accessing your network for parental control and security.

Hacker Threat Check
Scanning of opened ports and common default passwords to identify security risks.

Identify Bandwidth Hogs
Identify which devices are hogging all the broadband.


Home Digital Fence
Identify all the devices in the vicinity of your Fingbox (if they’re Wi-Fi enabled) even if they are not connected to your network.

Alerts for network/device status, intruders, family and guests.

Wi-Fi Sweet Spot
Locate the fastest and slowest Wi-Fi spots in your home.

Remote Access
Web portal connection to devices (printers, IP cameras) from anywhere by mobile app.

Internet Speed
See how fast your internet is performing through speed and latency testing.

Internet Troubleshooting
Check the quality, stability and reliability of your internet connection.


Device Scanning & Recognition SDK for Developers

Use FingKit to add Fing’s powerful device scanning and recognition engine, to your existing hardware, service or app. FingKit includes SDKs for mobile and embedded devices and cloud based device recognition services. Learn More

Domotz PRO

Professional Monitoring for Integration Companies

The professional grade network monitoring and remote tech support system for Integration Companies and IT Professionals. Join 2.5k dealers that use Domotz PRO for remote monitoring, remote tech support and client care. Learn More


mwc 2017 iot device identification - Fing network scanner

Come see Fing’s IoT Device Identification Tools at MWC 2017

Visit the Fing booth at MWC 2017 to see the latest tools in device identification, IoT security and network troubleshooting.
firewalls vs device blocking - home network security

Network Security Tools: Firewalls vs Device Blocking

With cybercrime on the rise Fing looks at the difference between two types of home network security: firewalls vs device blocking.

Meet Fing at Mobile World Congress, Hall #8.0 C26