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Award winning network security app and appliance for protecting and troubleshooting your home network. Download the free app today or add Fingbox to your network.

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Protect your home and family online. Limit internet access. Create schedules for offline time. See device activity and history and track who is online.

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See how your ISP ranks, check how fast your Internet is, find out which device is hogging the broadband, identify dead zones and find WiFi sweet spots.

Protect your

Fingbox keeps you in the know about cybersecurity threats and risks. Identify opened ports and receive alerts about malicious attacks on your network.


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The network security and troubleshooting device. Fingbox watches over your network to detect intruders, block devices and analyze the quality of your WiFi and Internet connection. 

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The #1 free network scanning app for iOS and Android with over 30 million downloads. Get Fing today to get an inventory of all devices on any WiFi network.


Add the device recognition technology at the heart of the Fing mobile apps to your own hardware, service or application.

Screenshot of a white label Device Recognition SDK app screen built using the FingKit SDK.


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